Faces of Postpartum
Faces of Postpartum

Q - I didn't go through postpartum depression. Can I participate?

Yes, absolutely, yes!

One of the goals of this project is to revamp the word "postpartum" back to its original definition: from latin post partum, which means "after childbirth" and "to bring forth." Being postpartum does not equal depression. 

Q - My kids are older, but I still have something to say about my postpartum period. Can I contact you?

Yes, please!

We each process life events at a different pace. My door (and inbox) are always open!

Q - I adopted. Can I talk to you about the day I brought him/her/all of them (!!) home?

Yes. Of course.

There are many ways to experience the postpartum period and I welcome stories from all walks of life.

Q - I lost a child (miscarried/stillborn) and I want to talk about my postpartum period. Can we meet? 

If you are ready to talk about it, I would be honored to tell your story and highlight your beautiful face.

That being said, Faces of Postpartum also showcases successful pregnancies/birth stories. If you have recently experienced a loss, other websites, such as facesofloss.com, exclusively bring awareness to the issue. 

Also: lots of hugs.

Q - Ok, I'm in! How does that work?

Once you contacted me, we schedule a time and a place to meet. I take pictures of you, with or without your kid(s), and we talk. It's all pretty informal and we laugh a lot (sometimes, there's even rosé involved...) 

I record our conversation or I take notes. Then I transcribe the interview, edit the pictures, and voilà! Your story is put online! 

The sessions take on average 30 to 60 minutes, but there's no rush. For now, I can only travel to the DC area, Maryland, Virginia, as well as Montréal (my hometown). I'm hoping to add more cities very soon.